[Sois-tcons] Re: Status of SOIS?

Patrick.Plancke at esa.int Patrick.Plancke at esa.int
Tue Jun 14 12:56:46 EDT 2005


I forgot that we do not use the same metrics.

About SOIS mailing list, the lists who are the more currently used by working
people  are the TCONS and TCOAS (the SOIS main list includes too many
observers that do not contribute but only listen).

For the CWE, did you look to the private documents, for example in TCONS  you
have documents uploaded 13 and 14 June or the Wireless BOF ?

Anyway , we acknowledge the message.  Can TCOAS upload the red books ready
for reviews on the CWE ?


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At 02:19 AM 6/3/2005, Patrick.Plancke at esa.int wrote:
      We would like to repeat that the situation of SOIS quite healthy,
      probably the best since a long time, since we start this year

Patrick and Chris: I am really sorry to have to say this, but I have to
disagree with your assessment. I just checked the status of the two primary
metrics of progress:

1) The SOIS mailing lists at http://mailman.ccsds.org/mailman/listinfo

2) The SOIS links at the CWE area,

In both cases, there is almost zero evidence of any SOIS progress at all.
Hardly any mail, and not a document in sight - not even a rough draft.

As CESG chairman, I now have a difficult decision to make: should I recommend
to the CMC that even more resources should be allocated to the SOIS Area, or
should I recommend that it should be dissolved and the resources allocated

As manager of NASA's participation, I have an equally difficult decision to
make: does NASA continue in SOIS, or do we withdraw all support?

Please help me here. I really don't want to take drastic action, but this
continued and embarrassing lack of any discernable SOIS progress seems to
leave me almost no alternative.

Best regards

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