[Sois-tcons] Telecon this Friday

Jane K. Marquart Jane.K.Marquart at nasa.gov
Wed Jun 1 12:55:07 EDT 2005

Dear TCONS/OBL members,

We'd like to have a telecon this Friday at 11:30 EST to discuss plans for 
getting out the books.  I've included the following from Steve to get us 
thinking about it before the telecon.

 >The key issues are how we define the QoS and where we split the stack for
 >the red books. There are currently two views on this, both of which I agree
 >with (something about training as a physicist and getting to grips with
 >particle/wave duality):
 >1. Split TCONS/OBL at the bottom of TCP/IP and above the sub-network level
 >where the QoS is done. This is the view that Rick put forward. In this case
 >OBL offers a set of services which provide different QoS to TCP/IP and
 >(and possible TCONS protocols).
 >2. Split TCONS/OBL below the sub-network level so that the QoS services are
 >generic to all the underlying buses. This is the view that Dai put forward.
 >It preserves the role of TCONS looking at the QoS issues (in line with the
 >charters) but is disadvantageous if all the QoS if handled differently by
 >the various buses.
 >In either case the key thing is to sort out the way in which to handle QoS,
 >then I think that the answer will be clear. My current thoughts are that
 >approach (1) may be the best way forward. I suggest that we work on the QoS
 >together and once this issue is fully resolved that we split up the work on
 >the various books to get them completed as soon as possible.

This seems like a good way to begin discussion.  Please let me know if 
you'll be able to attend.  Sorry for the late notice.

USA Toll Free Number: 888-769-8516
USA Toll Number: +1-712-923-4275

CALL DATE: JUN-03-2005 (Friday)


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