[Sois-tcons] Editing the Red Book

Stuart Mills smills at computing.dundee.ac.uk
Mon May 24 05:43:59 EDT 2004

The following e-mail was sent after the meeting but unfortunately didn't
make it to everyone.



Dear TCONS WG Members,

If you want to edit a document from docushare please do the following.

1. Make a copy of the existing document noting its date e.g. red book 100504
2. Do your changes 3. Save the modified version back to docushare as a new
document with the title including the date that you put it back and the
document that you started with and your name e.g. red book 170504 from
100504 Steve.

Hopefully this will help avoid problems in the short term.
Once we have a more stable document it will be worth making access control
more strict, but in the meantime modify and be happy.

PS to avoid confusion dates will be in European order ddmmyy

PPS This is not a robust protocol and no sequence diagrams nor abstract
definitions have yet been defined, but hopefully it will do for now. If in
doubt use common sense.



Stuart Mills,
Space Systems Research Group,
Division of Applied Computing,
University of Dundee,
Park Wynd,
Dundee, DD1 4HN, Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 1382 348837 

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