[Sois-tcons] TCONS Telecon next week

Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int
Mon May 3 04:42:06 EDT 2004


I am sorry, I meant Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 when referring to the absence of
Steve Parkes and Stuart Mills.



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At 4/29/2004 08:54 AM, Massimiliano.Ciccone at esa.int wrote:
>Dear all,
>I would like to propose a TCONS telecon for next week discussing the
>following topics:
>- TCONS WG agenda (especially for Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 in the absence of
>Steve an Stuart)

I presume you meant Monday 10 and Tuesday 11

>- TCONS common strategy and position regarding the SOIS communication
>architecture and the standardization approach to follow within TCONS.
>    For example:  Which level of details shall we reach in the specification
>    Do we need to focus first on vertical interoperability (definition of
>services, primitive and parameters) and then on horizontal interoperability
>(definition of protocols employed    at each layer) or viceversa ? etc.
>- Outcome of discussions from ESA side.
>Suitable days are the 5-6-7th of May.

I would prefer 7th (given choice)

Abhijit Sengupta

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