[cssm] Resolutions CSS-R-2023-09-001, Technical corrigendum for 902.13-M-1

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 29 23:50:58 UTC 2023

CCSDS Secretariat,
Attached and also listed below, please find a resolution for publication of a technical corrigendum for CCSDS 902.13-M-1, Abstract Event Definition.

Best regards,

CSS-R-2023-09-001, Resolution for Technical Corrigendum of CCSDS 902.13-M-1 Abstract Event Definition

The CSS Area,

CONSIDERING that the Cross Support Service Management WG

  1.  has accepted and processed RIDs relating to agency review of CCSDS 902.9 (Service Management Utilization Request Formats) and agency review of CCSDS 902.4 (Service Package Data Formats)
  2.  and that that the 902.9 and 902.4 recommendations depend on CCSDS 902.13-M-1, Abstract Event Definition,
  3.  and that proper disposition of the RIDs for 902.9 and 902.4 requires update of 902.13-M-1 Abstract Event Definition recommendation,
  4.  and that other minor technical changes in the Abstract Event Definition such as update to the latest overall context diagram and proper statement of the revised XML Schema organization should be made public,

and RECOGNIZING that the CSSM WG agrees that the corrections need to be applied;

RESOLVES that a Technical Corrigendum for 902.13-M-1 be published, and

respectfully REQUESTS that the CCSDS Secretariat initiate the CESG and CMC polling for approving publication of the technical corrigendum.

[End Resolution]

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