[cssm] Revision of CWE structure to better accommodate next generation blue books, etc.

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Fine with me Erik, looks reasonable.


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Subject: [cssm] Revision of CWE structure to better accommodate next generation blue books, etc.

CCSDS Colleagues,

You may recall that as a result of agency reviews for what will be CDE M-2 there were some knock on effects whereby we have started collecting updates for blue-2 versions of the SSF and CPIF.  As part of that we came to see quite quickly that the current CWE structuring is really geared for just a single Blue-1 production run. Accordingly, I have done some relatively minor tweaking and have a proposal of sorts by doing some minor revision of the  SSF folder. It's quite straightforward - everything that was in the Simple Schedule Format folder has been put into a Blue-1 sub-folder and Blue-2 sub-folder created with the same sub-structure (i.e, White Book, Red Book, Final Version, etc. folders.) I realize that when a blue book is updated from blue-1 to blue-2 in fact first becomes a pink book.  But I think keeping the distinction as white book, red book, final version for the Blue-2 will help us to sort out what is internal to the working group versus what is exposed for agency review versus what is the final publication version etc. You can see what this looks like by going to the Simple Schedule folder. The same idea  would apply for magenta and green books. Let's discuss this briefly at our upcoming teleconference next week.

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