[cssm] Survey - Space Link Extension—Application Program Interface Magenta Books

Holger Dreihahn Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int
Fri Jan 27 07:41:34 UTC 2023

Dear CSS Area Colleagues,
As you may remember, the SLE FSP recommendation has been silverized because there was no operational adoption. In that context Erik remarked correctly, that also the corresponding SLE API C++ recommended practice for FSP (aka magenta book) should be retired.

In that context some general considerations about the benefits provided by the SLE API C++ API magenta books vs the maintenance effort came up. It was certainly a valid idea to specify C++ APIs for implementations of the SLE services in magenta books. To my understanding the ultimate goal was to promote the interchangeability of SLE API C++ implementations or even components of it. Technically you can really take an SLE API C++ implementation from one vendor and exchange it easily with one from another vendor. However, practically I am not aware that such an exchange of SLE API implementation ever happened or is of practical relevance for the future.

Now this email is asking for your feedback if today the effort to maintain the SLE API magenta books is matched by the provided benefits. In my mind it would be really an option to retire all SLE API magenta.

Please respond to this email until February 28, stating  your opinion (representing ideally your organizations position), if SLE API magenta books should be retired or not. Clearly these books do not impact interoperability.

Best regards,

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