[cssm] Book, Schema and UML model updates - 902x12-CDE and 902x09-SMURF

Colin Haddow Scotty.Consulting at Scotty-Enterprizes.com
Thu Apr 27 17:11:10 UTC 2023

Dear all,
              preliminary work on the Service Agreement and Configuration Profile has identified some over lap with the Simple Schedule. As a consequence of this some data definitions have been moved from the Simple Schedule into the Common Data Entities. An additional RID was therefore raised on the CDE so that this update could be tracked.

The updated book and RID disposition can be found at the following URLs;

  *   902x12-CDE:          https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Magenta/Service%20Management%20Common%20Data%20Entities/Red%20Book/Drafts/902x12p11-CDE-20230425-CRH.doc?d=weaa58d7ef90242769c88f6db5f93055b
  *   902X12-CDE RID Disposition:   https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Magenta/Service%20Management%20Common%20Data%20Entities/Red%20Book/Agency%20Review/Agency%20Review%20RIDs/902x12r2%20-%20Service%20Management%20Common%20Data%20Entities%20-%20Agreed%20WG%20RID%20Responses%2020230425.pdf

Some very minor, editorial, updates have been made to the SMURF. These correct the Figure and Table Tables of Content. There are no technical changes. Updated version can be found at the following URL;

  *   902x09-SMURF:       https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Format/Red%20Book/Drafts/902x09r01-SMURF-20230426-CRH.doc?d=wcedcac6539f245b7960ec280f25bbabb

Finally a zipped Eclipse Modelling Tools workspace containg the latest versions of all schemas, examples and UML models can be found at the following URL;

  *   Schemas + UML Model: https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Schemas%20and%20UML%20Model/902EclipseWS-20230427.7z

NOTE: To open this workspace Eclipse Modelling Tools must be installed and have the following add ins installed;

  1.  Papyrus
  2.  Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

If you just want to access the schema files unzip the workspace and you'll be able to find them relatively straightforwardly.

For those involved in the SMURF/SPDF testing whilst the Schemas for 902x13-AED and 902x12-CDE have been updated these changes have no impact on the SMURF of SPDF schemas and examples.

Cheers for now,


Dr. Colin R. Haddow

Scotty Consulting UG
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