[cssm] Response for AI 2022-0504-02 (FRM vs SM Configuration levels)

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 28 18:41:11 UTC 2022

CSSM Colleagues,

The inputs for the DSN with regard to the first 200 items on the spreadsheet organized by Marcin can be found via the link below (CWE login required). For reference the text of the AI is:  "Look at the FRM + managed service configurability items spreadsheet developed by Marcin and check items 1 - 200 re initial Level 0 classifications."  This turns out to be a somewhat multifaceted exercise and here are some notes:

  1.  For the DSN this is more than just the initial binary level 0 classification or not - I've attempted to put in all of the various levels of classification where I believe a parameter is configurable for the DSN.
  2.  In doing the exercise I ended up adding a new classification level - 5. For the purposes of what we are after this can be essentially ignored (or treated as 0 (zero)), but I thought it might be of interest as this could start recording what sort of changes are at the level of the SC-CSTS instance.
  3.  I noted where some of the item names in the spreadsheet no longer match the names in the FRM, or at least the FRM as posted on SANA.
  4.  In general, the DSN has more items indicated as being configurable than those listed for DLR. However, at this time, I of course do not take any of this as "final" input but rather just initial shaping to help us in determining what parameters from the FRM should be initially considered as part of the service agreement/configuration profile.

This exercise tends to be the counterpart of AI 220719-01 ("Provide inputs re service agreement parameters per spreadsheet distributed by MG", assigned to all of the WG membership) as AI 220719-01 asks for inputs based on the various agency service agreement and service agreement related materials where as this AI (2022-0504-02) is looking at the FRM and asking what configurable parameters in the FRM belong in the service agreement and/or configuration profile, etc.   As such I encourage those with knowledge of their agency's TT&C network to please take a look and provide inputs for the fall meetings.
Best regards,

Link to the updated spreadsheet:
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