[cssm] Documents related to 20th Oct agenda (JAXA proposal)

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Dear Akasaka-san,

Just a quick email to let you know that I have received the package.  I have not had time to study it in depth, but I must say it does look interesting and very topical.  I think we will have a very good discussion on October 20. 

CSSM Colleagues,

Please allow me to take the opportunity to remind everyone to please provide agency adoption plans of the cross support service management standards to the extent possible.

Best regards,

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Dear CSSM Colleagues,

My name is Hiroki Akasaka from JAXA.

Documents related to 20th Oct agenda "Agency surveys re plan for adoption of CSSM standards" have been uploaded below.
We would be very grateful to receive comments from each agencies.


00_JAXA proposal_Background and Proposals.pptx 01_JAXA proposal_Coordination items.pptx 02_JAXA-ESOC Generic X-Support ICD_excerpt.docx JAXA proposal_SampleFile

Best Regards,
Hiroki Akasaka

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