[cssm] Cross-Ref Diagram

Martin Unal Martin.Unal at esa.int
Fri Aug 5 14:26:24 UTC 2022

I have some comments
0) I have a fundamental disagreement with the split between online/offline SP.
I recommend to merge all in a single stream "service package". It doesn't make any difference in term of ressource management.
Online and offline are SLE internal cooking concept relative to TM freshness.
As a provider, the only thing I care is if I have enough ressource or not.
As a user I only care to have my service at the agreed time.

1) I am confused with the "New SP request" vs "Delete SP"  and "Replace SP" request.
Do they apply to both online and offline ? Do we need to duplicate them for online and offline ?

2) Concerning Delete and Replace SP
a) shall include the servicePackageId reference they adress.
b) the serviceAgreementRef shall be removed. It shall not be possible to change serviceAgreement with a Replace, and will only cause problem in the delete if it doesn't match.

3) serviceAgreementRef is mentioned in many place. This could lead to inconsistency.
It shall remain in "ServicePackageRequest", and in "Service Package".
It shall be remove from objects linked "Service Package" (such as Event Sequence and Configuration Profile). They shall access the serviceAgreementRef via this dependency.

4) SICF shall be linked to the Configuration profile only. Other reference to SICFid shall be remove.

5) TrajectoryRef shall be removed. All services shall use the same unique trajectory at any given time.
If you want to keep a TrajectoryRef, it shall be in the serviceAgreement. Applicable to all Service Package refering to it.

6) DDOR is just another service. Why do we handle it differently. It shall be one of the many Configuration Profile.
Or do you intend to extend to every specific service a new box ? eg. Radio Science ? Aerobreaking ?

7) Replacing and Deleting request can derive in many interpretations.
I recommand to remove the concept or "replacement of request". I see no added value in regard of the complexity it raises.
Delete could remain, but I would specify in the book that it only delete the request. Any Service Package already generated shall remain.
Up to the user to delete the existing Service Package.
If we go for "Request Deletion" include the "SP deletion" of any SP in the future, this will result in nasty discussion on when start the future. The delay between the user generation and the provider processing exist, and may be days in case working hours are involve.

Martin UNAL
Ground Operation Manager
Ground Facilities Ops HSO - ONO
Robert-Bosch Strasse 5
64 293 Darmstadt
Tel +49 6151 90 2959

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Dear all,

I worked a bit on finishing the cross-reference diagram. Please see update attached. We may talk about it shortly next week.

Cheers and have a nice weekend
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