[cssm] Request to check functional resource beta registry

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 4 18:30:54 UTC 2021

CSSM Colleagues,

The CSTS working group has produced what is considered the "Tier 1" functional resource model which has been put into a beta SANA registry<https://beta.sanaregistry.org/r/functional_resources/>.  "Tier 1" essentially designates the highest priority functional resources to describe for standardization.

As you may recall from the August 31st teleconference some good progress, thanks to Marcin, Holger, and John has been made in producing XML schema for configuration profiles from the FRM via automated processing.  Although the progress is very good, it also exposes that there is a need for finer grained classification metadata in the FRM. In the example that Marcin developed configuration for DDOR was shown.  The items shown were selected as their metadata indicated "configurable". From the perspective of the FRM this is fine. However from the perspective of service management, this results in the DDOR scan pattern as being considered part of the configuration profile.  From a service management perspective the scan pattern is not likely to be data that is associated with several different tracking passes, but much more likely to be associated on a per tracking pass basis as the communication geometry changes and therefore belongs with the service request and not really the configuration profile. It is from this perspective that I would like to request a review. Additionally, it would be good to check the parameters themselves.  I think it will be good to discuss this at the upcoming Fall meetings and so the request is for taking a look by October 18th.  I realize there is a lot of information in here, so a suggestion is to spot check a few parameter in each strata of the FRM given if you do not have much time available.

Clicking on the right caret just next to the OID will open up the top level strata of the FRM (see screenshot below).   From there you can navigate the various parameters of each stratum.

Best regards,

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