[cssm] CSTS instance configuration

Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int
Wed Mar 17 10:13:42 UTC 2021

Dear Erik,
We are currently defining a kind of SICF format to configure the CSTS 
Monitored Data Service instances, of course in the absence of official 
CSSM means ;-)

My understanding is that you need specific configuration for each type of 
CSTS service, so Monitored Data may need some configuration about agreed 
monitored parameter and event OIDs, Forward Frame (CESG approval may take 
a couple of years?) about TC VCs, coding and so on and so forth.

What we see as problematic is the use of machine readable OIDs - that is 
why we have included in our CSTS SICF approach a kind of translation 
section from OIDs to names, to be able to have something human readable 
and writable (config, log messages, displays).

I attach a draft of our XML definition for CSTS MD - not ideal, but 
oriented towards practical needs (human readability and mapping of OIDs to 
current parameter IDs), see <OIDMappings> at the bottom. Clearly, that is 
not ideal. Our justification is that we generate 'OID mappings to human 
readable' from a central place (SANA in the future?).

Best regards,

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Date:   17/03/2021 01:13
Subject:        CSTS instance configuration

Dear Holger,
At today's CSSM working group teleconference, the question came up as to 
if it is envisioned that the CSTS service instances are configured in the 
same as SLE -- i.e., via mechanisms such as the SICF?  Any insight you can 
offer on this will be much appreciated.
Thank you and best regards,

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