[cssm] MSPA + SMURF Constraints

Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int
Wed Apr 28 06:44:40 UTC 2021

Dear Erik,
This seems to correspond what is done in ESTRACK for MSPA planning. We use 
a kind of group configuration for missions (identified by their osg_dn - 
operational service group distinguished name) authorized for MSPA:

Best regards,

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CSSM Colleagues,
Following up from our teleconference earlier today I have confirmed that, 
for the DSN, MSPA is something that missions either allow or disallow for 
DSN scheduling but there is in fact no notion of “additional users” (which 
we have agreed to delete from the EnhancedConstraints class in any case). 
By default, a mission agrees to be put into an MSPA tracking 
configuration; they have the option to opt out of that. 
So I think this tends to confirm, for the enhanced constraints, thinking 
about tracking configuration constraint parameters if we want to consider 
that. Note that this is a tracking configuration for service delivery and 
is not to be confused with a service configuration profile.  Another note 
is that in the case of DSN allowing the mission to be put into an MSPA 
tracking configuration is in some sense an anti-constraint in that it 
tends to maximize the opportunity for return services such as telemetry. 
Nonetheless, I am okay with considering this be all to be under the label 
of “constraints”.
Best regards,
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