[cssm] Updated Functional Resource Model White (draft Magenta) Book on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Fri Oct 16 17:56:33 UTC 2020

CSTSWG and CSSMWG colleagues ---
I have uploaded an updated version of the Functional Resource Model White Book (technical area-internal draft Magenta Book) to the CWE at URL

In anticipation of the CCSDS Project to complete this Magenta Book being homed in the CSTSWG, this document is contained in a new Functional Resource Model Magenta Book folder under
CWE> CSS Area> CSTS-WG> CWE Private.

For contractual reasons, this update has been created now, before the completion of the Tier-1 SANA Functional Resource registry review. Nevertheless, this update does reflect some preliminary results of that review. The next update will reflect the full results (if in fact they have any effect on the Magenta Book).

Beyond reflecting the preliminary results of the Tier-1 review, this update has a number of other additions and changes, including:

-        Update of the Terms section

-        Update of the description of the content and organization of the SANA Functional Resource registry

-        Addition of a new Agency-Defined Functional Resource Registration section

-        Update of the Antenna FR to input and output IF signals, to better support the definition of D-DOR and Open Loop FRs

-        Update of the TC PLOP, Synchronization and Channel Encoding FR definition to reflect upcoming TC Sync and Channel Coding BB revision

-        Clarification of the content of certain TDM Segments when suppressed modulation and GMSK modulation are used (TDM Segment Generation FR)

-        Simplification of the TDM Buffer to use a simple FIFO retention policy if recorded segments exceed the allocated storage capacity

-        Clarification that the ROCF TS Provider FR assumes that offline input is transfer frames and not individual OCFs, which is the approach that is consistent with extant implementations and makes better use of resources.

-        Update of the (renamed) Open Loop Receiver/Formatter and Delta-DOR Receiver/Formatter FR Sets

-        Population of the Acronyms annex

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