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CSSM Colleagues,

As promised at today's CSSM teleconference, below please find the forwarded email with regard to the functional resource model review. If you can, I encourage you to take a look at the functional resource model prior to the fall virtual meetings - it will be helpful to understand the model when discussing automated XML schema generation with regard to configuration profiles. If you wish to participate in this review please note that the review is scheduled to conclude on October 19.

Best regards,

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [CCSDS] Review of Functional Resource Model

Dear CCSDS Colleague,
This is a kind request to participate with your Working Group(s) in the review of the Functional Resource Model created by the CSS/CSTS WG. The review is based on a word document hosted on CWE, review instructions and further explanations can be found inside the document:

Optionally also the Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book, accompanying the Functional Resource review can be reviewed by including comments and changes in a copy:

The end of the review is 19th October 2020.

Your review of the Functional Resources will help ensure that inter-agency cross support is properly stated in technical terms and will be much appreciated.

The Functional Resource Model (FRM) defines, in abstract terms, the functions that a ground station performs to provide Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TT&C) services to a spacecraft. The goal is to arrive at a standard representation of TT&C services, thereby facilitating standards for inter-agency cross support. The functions are organized around logical strata including Aperture, Physical Channel, Synchronization and Channel Coding, SLS Radiometric Data Production, Data Transfer Services, SLS Data Delivery and Production and others.  The functions are defined via configuration parameters, monitored parameters, notifiable events, and associated control directives.

Suggested review of Functional Resources (FR) per Working Group (WG)

A.      Space Link Services
1.       RF Modulation WG
a)     Aperture FR Stratum
1)      RF Aperture FR Set/ Antenna FR
b)      Physical Channel FR Stratum
1)      CCSDS 401 Physical Channel Transmission FR Set
i.                     CCSDS 401 Space Link Carrier Transmission FR
ii.                   Ranging Transmission FR
2)      CCSDS 401 Physical Channel Reception FR Set
i.                     CCSDS 401 Space Link Carrier Reception FR
ii.                   Range and Doppler Extraction FR
2.       Space Link Coding & Synchronization WG
a)     Synchronization and Channel Coding FR stratum
1)      TC Synchronization and Channel Encoding FR Set/ TC PLOP, Synchronization and Channel Encoding FR
2)      Fixed Length Frame Synchronization, Channel Encoding, and OID Generation FR Set/ Fixed Length Frame Synchronization, Channel Encoding, and OID Generation FR
3)       Fixed Length Frame Synchronization and Channel Decoding FR Set/ Fixed Length Frame Synchronization and Channel Decoding FR
3.       Space Link Protocols WG
a)     Space Link Protocol FR stratum
1)      TC Space Link Protocol Transmission FR Set
i.                     TC Master Channel (MC) Multiplexing FR
ii.                   TC Virtual Channel (VC) Multiplexing FR
2)      AOS Space Link Protocol Transmission FR Set
i.                     AOS MC Multiplexing FR
ii.                   AOS VC Multiplexing FR
3)      Fixed Length Frame Unified Space Data Link Protocol Transmission FR Set
i.                     FLF USLP MC Multiplexing FR
ii.                   FLF USLP VC) Multiplexing FR
4)      TM/AOS Space Link Protocol Reception FR Set
i.                     TM/AOS MC Demultiplexing FR
ii.                   TM/AOS VC Demultiplexing FR

B.      Space Internetworking Services Area
1.     CCSDS File Delivery Protocol Revisions WG
a)     SLS Data Delivery Production FR Stratum/ CFDP File Data Production FR Set/ CFDP Entity FR
C.      MOIMS Area
1.       Navigation WG
a)       SLS Radiometric Data Production FR Stratum/ Real-Time Radiometric Data Collection FR Set/ TDM Segment Generation FR
b)      Offline Data Storage FR stratrum/ TDM Recording Buffer FR Set/ TDM Recording Buffer FR
c)       Data Transfer Services FR Stratum/Tracking Data CSTS FR Set/ Tracking Data CSTS Provider FR
D.     CSS Area
                1. CSTS WG
             a)                Frame Data Sink
b)                Offline Frame Buffer
c)                F-CLTU
d)                FF-CSTS
e)                RAF
f)                RCF
g)                ROCF
h)                MD-CSTS

Some final notes

  1.  Only the Master Channel and VC Mux functions of the TC, AOS, TM, and Unified SLPs are covered by this initial FR set. FRs representing the upper functions in these protocol stacks will be covered in a (near?) future set of FRs

  1.  For USLP, only the Fixed Length Frame (FLF) USLP Transmission FRs are covered in this initial set. FRs representing the Variable Length Frame (VLF) USLP Transmission, VLF USLP Reception, and FLF USLP Reception will be covered in a (near?) future set of FRs

  1.  While we are asking specific WGs to primarily review the FR Sets and FRs that are most associated with the products of their WGs, we welcome comment on all contents of the candidate FR registry and the FR Reference Model White Book.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Best Regards,
Holger Dreihahn

Holger Dreihahn
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