[cssm] CSSM Spring 2020 Virtual 2 meeting notes

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue May 5 19:14:25 UTC 2020

CSSM Colleagues,

Below are my note from today's Webex.  Comments, corrections are welcome.  These notes will be consolidated into a meeting summary after our virtual meetings week to be posted as part of the meetings material.

Best regards,

1.    Attendees
            Tuesday, May 5 Webex
                E. Barkley, A. Crowson, W. Eddy, M. Gnat, C. Haddow, H. Kelliher, A. Kalkhof, M. Unal

2.    CPIF RIDs

  1.  All RIDs dispositioned
  2.  Book updates as a result of RID dispositions
     *   Note to clarify that there are interrelated terms (rtltEvent, rangeEvent, and rangeRateEvent) used in the CPIF but that this intentional (near earth community prefers range, deep space prefers round-trip light time)
     *   AncillaryInfo will be added to the PlanningInfoHeader to allow for any particular modelling assumptions to be noted
     *   In correct identification of "Schedule" will be changed to "Communication Planning Information Format" (note for Table 3-3)
  3.  Working group membership present at the teleconference concurred with sending the final rid dispositions at the same time as they are posted for the working group in general - i.e., there is no need for any further subsequent review of the RIDs for either TGFT or CPIF

3.    SMURF Book

  1.  Agreed that an analysis of the enhanced constraints is now required (as a compliment/follow-up regard to the analysis that has already occurred for the basic constraints)
  2.  If prototyping can be more or less concluded by November 2020 that should inform us sufficiently to have confidence in moving forward with red-1 agency review of SMURF at that time

4.    SMURF Prototyping Plans

  1.  M. Gnat presented the SMURF prototype test plan/schedule
  2.  42 test cases involved
  3.  Plan calls for prototype testing to be wrapped up by the end of October 2020

5.    SACP vs FRM Discussion II

  1.  E. Barkley reported that he had surveyed the DSN implementation for configuring DSN equipment for providing telemetry, command, and ranging services
     *   essentially all flat files of the form <parameter>: <value>
     *   the only multiplicity instances found are with regard to telemetry parameters which are essentially indexed by symbol rate

                                                               i.      It seems that by the time we get to configuring the equipment, multiplicity concerns/wiring have been addressed by mapping to specific receivers, transmitters

  1.  Noted that the service management configuration profile may in fact have concerns that are not reflected in the functional resource model
     *   for example, to keep carrier identifications sorted out between mission spacecraft and ground station providers, it may be useful to know which antenna(s) on the spacecraft is/are receiving the forward carrier and transmitting the return carrier
  2.  E. Barkley clarified that it is not necessarily "flat" files but rather "flatter" files (there can still be some hierarchy) as a consideration for mapping from whatever CCSDS configuration standard emerges into real world operations
  3.  Discussed the idea of using the various strata in the functional resource model to provide the basis for a configuration profile outline and sort through those parameters of the functional resource model that are applicable for the configuration profile
     *   This can be considered as the first cut and would perhaps be a good first step to support further discussions
  4.  noted that as a result of having looked into the DSN equipment configuration tables there may in fact be parameters missing from the functional resource model
     *   W. Eddy also noted a similar concern for NASA SN/NEN
  5.  a general approach of using the FRM to inform what needs to go into the configuration profile (rather than translate it directly), using the "leaf node" parameter names and data types was also discussed

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