[cssm] Resonse to AI 2020-0114-02 - Indicate if basic constraints are something that your TTC network handles/processes

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 6 01:53:34 UTC 2020

Hello Colin,

Attached please find a parameter-by-parameter check with regard to the basic constraints in the latest SMURF and whether or not they can be mapped to the current DSN implementation. The short answer is yes they can. However, there are considerations in the comments.

In going through the parameters, I was able to convince myself that the SMURF, for on-line service package requests is able to support both a specific instance and standing orders types use cases, but I think we may need to do a bit of checking re

  1.  For some sort of clear indication that this is a one-time request vs standing order (e.g, its not clear that basic constraints are for one-time request or to be used for standing orders - yes, there is standing orders in the enhanced constraints - but that does not rule out basic constraints being used on their own with the expectation of standing order, I think)
  2.  Perhaps some sort of request profile - I am not sure about this - but if someone creates some rather interesting set of constraints perhaps this can be given a name for reference when submitting standing orders for different epochs.  I can appreciate that this may bring more complexity than it's worth, hence the "not sure" bit.
  3.  Related to a) and b) perhaps some refinement of the use cases re requesting service packages.

In terms of overall responses for this AI I think we have something like the following
DLR - Okay with the BCs (Basic Constraints)
ESA - Okay with the BCs
NASA/NEN - Okay with the BCs
NASA/SN - Okay with the BCs (assuming siteRef can be a spacecraft which we agreed to)
NASA/DSN - Okay with BCs, but some considerations - let's discuss at next telecon

CSSM Colleagues,

If omitted your inputs and/or you have corrections to the overall summary above please do not hesitate to reply.

Best regards,

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