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Just a note on terminology - I believe a Red book can really only be called as such once it has passed a resolution for going to agency review.  I am a little concerned that calling what goes to the reviewers a "draft Red Book" may confuse people and indicate that this is part of a formal agency review.  Given that, as I understand it, this is going for review internal to CCSDS, I don't think we should be calling it a Red book.  I can appreciate that this will be an edited version of the "comprehensive" white book to assist reviewers focus on just what is being published in SANA.  If possible, could we just indicate that this is a white book - I realize that inside the CSS Area we have to keep things straight - assuming this is about tier-1 resources, could we perhaps use some sort of designation tied to that?  (maybe something like add "tier-1" or "part 1" to the book number)?

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [cssm] Updated Functional Resource Reference Model White Book on CWE

CSSA colleagues ---
I have uploaded an updated draft of the Functional Resource Reference Model White Book (tentatively dubbed CCSDS 902.x-W-0.4) to the CWE at URL

This White Book includes multiple changes from the previous draft, which was uploaded in April. The main focus of this update has been to support the subject-expert review of the so-called "Tier-1" functional resource definitions that are going to be registered in the SANA Candidate FR registry in (hopefully) the next few weeks. Specifically, the FR definitions that are going to be posted in the candidate registry are:

  1.  Antenna;
  2.  CCSDS 401 Space Link Carrier Transmission;
  3.  Ranging Transmission;
  4.  CCSDS 401 Space Link Carrier Reception;
  5.  Range and Doppler Extraction;
  6.  TC PLOP, Synchronization, and Channel Encoding;
  7.  Fixed Length Frame Synchronization, Channel Encoding, and Only-Idle-Data Generation:
  8.  Fixed Length Frame Synchronization and Channel Decoding;
  9.  TC Master Channel Multiplexing;
  10. TC Virtual Channel Multiplexing;
  11. AOS Master Channel Multiplexing;
  12. AOS Virtual Channel Multiplexing;
  13. Fixed Length Frame USLP Master Channel Multiplexing;
  14. Fixed Length Frame USLP Virtual Channel Multiplexing;
  15. TM/AOS Master Channel Demultiplexing;
  16. TM/AOSVirtual Channel Demultiplexing;
  17. Frame Data Sink;
  18. CFDP Entity;
  19. TDM Segment Generation;
  20. Offline Frame Buffer;
  21. TDM Recording Buffer;
  22. F-CLTU Transfer Service Provider;
  23. Forward Frame CSTS Provider;
  24. RAF Transfer Service Provider;
  25. RCF Transfer Service Provider;
  26. ROCF Transfer Service Provider;
  27. Tracking Data CSTS Provider; and
  28. Monitored Data CSTS Provider.

The updated version of the Reference Model focuses on making the material associated with these FRs as complete and correct as possible, including (but not limited to) response from review comments on the previous version provided by Wolfgang, having a different section for each of the Functional Resource Strata, and graphics that are consistent with the graphical conventions for at least all of the aforementioned Tier-1 FRs.

As you may know, the draft Reference Model also contains material on many other functional resources that exists at various levels of maturity, from mere placeholders to well-developed definitions only lacking in the definition of the specific parameters, events, and directives (PEDs) that are registered in the SAN FR registry. In order to help the subject matter experts focus their review on the FRs that are specifically included in the SANA Candidate FR registry, the plan is to make available to those reviewers a "draft Red Book" version (CCSDS 902.x-R-0.4) that addresses only those FR Sets and FRs that are in the SANA Candidate FR registry. In the next few weeks, I will produce that draft Red Book by trimming out the non-applicable material from the White Book.

My intention is to use the material from the White Book version (which has no formal CCSDS standing but has informally been used by CCSDS to document "working group-internal" material) as a source for future updates of the draft Red Book as SANA FR definitions are created for and added to the SANA Candidate FR registry and (eventually) graduated to the SANA Approved FR registry. When some TBD set of FR definitions has been graduated to the SANA Approved FR registry, then the version of the draft Red Book in existence at that time could undergo a CCSDS Agency Red Book review and become the first issue of the FR Reference Model Magenta Book.

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