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Hello Marcin,

Here are some quick responses as to how I think this likely fits within the service management.

I see the DOR tones as being part of the configuration profile.

I see the DOR tones on/off times as part of the event sequence (which references the configuration profile). Also, from local conversation, it appears that name of the raw observation files matters for processing by the correlators.  That could also go in the configuration profile.

I see the scan pattern as being part of the SMURF -- a question I have here is whether or not the scan pattern can be template-a-sized such that it is always referred to by some sort of identifier. My sense from the DSN side is that this is not the case as the quasar(s) being utilized very depending upon the mission trajectory etc. I think it will be interesting to discuss further on this at the teleconference tomorrow if you're available.

Best regards,

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Here is a version 2 based on yesterday telecon discussion.
I have changed the configuration item names to ddor_configuration  and spacecraft_configuration.

<configuration_profile service="deltaDor">
<!-- DDOR configuration element defines which type of DDOR configurarion shall be used to configure the ground station -->
<!-- This can be used to select which type of tones to be used, how many DL band,...-->
<!-- The attribute and their value will probably be provider specific -->
<ddor_configuration name="DDOR1"/>
<!-- The spacecraft_configuration can be used to convey information relevant for the station configuration on a per DL basis (if needed)-->
<!-- To be open to future multi band DDOR, It is suggest to have an dlIndex-->
<!-- The attribute and their value will probably be provider specific -->
<spacecraft_configuration dlIndex="1" band="Xband" transmitter="1"/>

The main part to agree with the DDOR team concern the DDOR parameter. They are not really concerned by the configuration aspect. This is more an issue between the flight control team and the provider.

I am still not sure where you want to have it in a SMURF request.
Will it be in provider specific parameter ? In the configuration profile (902x05-Simple-conf-profile-Mission-Agrt) ?

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