[cssm] Updated Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Thu Apr 30 19:27:04 UTC 2020

CSSA colleagues ---
I have uploaded an updated draft of the Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book (FunctionalResourcesRefModel_MagentaBook-WH200309.docx) to the CWE >  CSS > CSS Private> Functional Resource Reference Model Magenta Book folder:
This new draft includes many updates, the major ones of which are:

-   An initial draft set of term definitions (1.5.1) has been included. Note that not all referenced terms used in this Magenta Book or thae various referenced documents are included, and some terms contained in this section may not actually be used in this Magenta Book and will be removed in a future draft.

-   Updated the SANA Functional Resource Registry section (2.6)

-   Added a new section, "Conceptual Model of Functional Resource Interactions" (2.7)

-   Reorganized the Forward File Data Delivery Production and Return File Data Delivery Production FR Sets into the CFDP File Data Production, Packets File Data Transmission Production, and Packets File Data Reception Production FR Sets to more closely support the current IOAG definitions of the related services and to conform to SCCS-SM configuration profile structuring constraints.

-   Updated the FLF USLP MC Mux and FLF USLP VC Mux FR descriptions.

-   Updated the TDM Segment Generation FR description.

-   Updated the TDM Recording Buffer FR description.

-   Updated the TD-CSTS Provider FR description.

-   Updated the FF-CSTS Provider description.

-   Updated diagrams for multiple other FRs.

-   Added a new annex, Object Identifier Offsets for the Functional Resource Strata and Functional Resource Sets.
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