[cssm] Virtual Spring 2020 Meetings

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 7 23:35:37 UTC 2020

Dear CSTS and CSSM Colleagues,

Earlier today Holger, Colin, and myself had a telecon on how to approach having some sort of CCSDS meetings given that the face-to-face meetings are canceled due to the pandemic.  We agreed on having 90 minute teleconferences on Monday through Thursday of the meetings week.  The idea being that outside of the teleconference hours working group members may wish to work on CCSDS affairs during the meetings week given that this time was originally dedicated for CCSDS meetings and then have some discussion time available via the teleconferences.

In addition to the working group teleconferences the plan is to have an area-wide teleconference on Tuesday morning of the meetings week to discuss topics of interest for the area in general. The working group teleconferences on Thursday are only one hour with 30 minutes for essentially a closing plenary with really only the working group chairs being required -- others may join if they so desire but the focus will be on preparing reporting for CESG/CMC.

The attached file gives an outline for the meetings teleconference/WebEx scheduled. The specific topics for the working group teleconferences will be firmed up in the next couple weeks or so. The topics listed for the joint teleconference on Tuesday are essentially draft for the time being.  If anyone has any serious objection to this arrangement please do not hesitate to let me know.

I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy.

Best regards,
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