[Smwg] V0.16 Functional Resource Reference Model Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Thu Sep 12 15:39:46 UTC 2019

CSSA Colleagues ---
I have posted two variations of the 0.16 updated version of the Functional Resource Reference Model Tech Note on the CWE in folder
I recommend reading the "clean" variation - FunctionalResourcesRefModel_TechNote-TN-0.16-clean.docx. The marked-up variation - FunctionalResourcesRefModel_TechNote-TN-0.16-190912.docx - is there in case you want to see the changes since v0.15.
The major thrusts of this update are:

-          To more closely integrate the FR RM Tech Note with the SANA Registry, and to explain features and philosophies regarding the SANA Registry. Section 2 has a new SANA Functional Resources Registry subsection (2.6)  that identifies what is in the SANA Registry entries and explains the concept of shared configuration information that drives the definition of configuration parameters. The xxxResourceStat parameter that is common to all FRs is also explained. The relationship between the parameter type definitions in the SANA Registry definitions and the qualified parameters that are reported by the Monitored Data CSTS is also addressed.

-          The functional resources that are planned to be included in the initial approved SANA FR Registry on 1 January 2020 are identified.

-          Re-organizes some of the FRs to more closely align with individual CCSDS Recommended Standards (i.e., not combine the functionality of different Blue Books into individual FRs).

-          For FRs that are based on Blue Books that have specified Managed Parameters, identifies discrepancies (if any) between the FR configuration parameters and the Blue Book Managed Parameters, and explains how the FR effectively "knows" the value of the Managed Parameter (e.g., through configuration information shared by an associated FR).

-          Deletes "boilerplate" sections that identify the OIDs of the PED nodes of each FR in the Registry. (This cumulatively eliminates quite a few pages).

-          Adds discussion about how TC repetition is handled in FRs that process variable-length frames (TC and variable length frame USLP) in contrast to the way it is formally defined in the TC and USLP Blue Books (the net effect on the space link is the same).
We have been discussing for some time how the "big picture" FR diagram would eventually contain too many FRs to be readable as new FR types were added. With the addition of the new USLP FR types that day has arrived, and the diagram has been deleted. I am considering a replacement diagram, perhaps on that used just the FR Sets instead of individual FRs, but even that may become too unwieldy over time. (Figures 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, and 2-6 do map the individual FR Sets to the FR strata, but they do not show the specific connections between FR Sets.)
I plan to present an overview of the Tech Note at the Workshop next month.
Best regards,

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