[Smwg] SANA Registry Updates.

Colin.Haddow at esa.int Colin.Haddow at esa.int
Thu Nov 7 17:37:25 UTC 2019

Hi Peter,
                  okay I'm going to be responsible for coordinating the 
updates for the ESA entries in the SANA registry. Is there any 
documentation on the underlying database design ? As far as I can figure 
out the main relations (ignoring Operator and Owner etc.) for the Sites 
Service and Apertures registry is with the Aperture and Aperture Link 
registry, similarly for the Spacecraft ID the main relation would appear 
to be with Spacecraft.

Also with respect to the Contact registry for the ESA entries at least 
there are names that go way back in history and are long retired. Can 
these be removed from the registry or are they required to maintain 
consistency ? If they are required for consistency what would be the 
appropriate status to use to indicate that these contacts are no longer 
valid ?

Couple of other points that have come up during our initial discussions - 

On the spacecraft registry there is an alias field. This would also be 
useful on the Aperture Registry - could be used to handle things like DSN 
giving DSN station identifiers to ESA stations etc.
One of the guys I'm working with (John Reynolds) is also involved with the 
IOAG Spacecraft Emergency W/G. He's told me that IOAG are considering 
setting up their own registry for use in that context as they've currently 
not found the CCSDS SSA very useful (not to mention out of date). We've 
had a quick look at the information contained in the various SSA related 
registries and think that pretty much all of the needed data is there (or 
at least will be once the registry is updated). Possibly what would be 
needed is some sort of query that pulls this together into a more useful 
format ?

Once we've got a bit further with reviewing and updating the data I'll 
maybe organise a WebEx with you (and possibly the SANA operator) to disuss 
any changes (such as the above 2) that we think would be useful.

Cheers for now,


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