[Smwg] Latest Version of outline of CPSA book

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 25 21:49:00 UTC 2019

Hello Marcin,

I have finally managed to take a look at the outline.

I am not sure about presenting profiles based on frame type.  I think we may need to do (depending on whether others agree, of course), is go through the configuration profile technote (the latest one is from February 28th as far as a I know), and see how we

a)    Might prioritize for the most common/likely profiles based on current implementations

b)    Might coalesce/factor these into more broad categories that could be stated for an eventual standard; perhaps the organization can be long the lines of logical groupings of resources, along the lines of the diagram shown below.

I realize that is a bit fuzzy - let's discuss this at the webex/telecon tomorrow.

Best regards,

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Hi Colin & SMWG,

The latest version is there:

This is also the initial version.... I was waiting for comments or inputs before I start doing anything else.


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Hi Marcin,
                     the question came up during the WebEx about what the latest version of the outline CPSA is, perhaps you could send a link to it ?


Cheers for now,


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