[Smwg] [EXTERNAL] CCSDS RID Form - Beta testing requested.

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Appears to work just fine for me.

Best regards,

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] CCSDS RID Form - Beta testing requested.

Dear all,
                 attached is a revised version of the prototype RID form. This should work with recent versions of Acrobat Reader. Hopefully the instructions in the form will be self explanatory. I'd be grateful if you could spent a few minutes "playing" with the form and let me know if you find any issues or have any comments.

You will notice that when you delete a RID, it is replaced by a page stating "RID Deleted"., this is because when you insert a form page the fields on it are named based on the page number, however if you delete a page the existing fields on the pages after the deleted page are not renamed. The document however now contains 1 page less and so if you then insert a new RID you end up with duplicate filed names which has interesting consequences. As far as I can tell (bearing in mind I am by no means an Adobe/Java Script whizzkid) there is no straightforward way to work round this, hence the approach of just entering a page stating "RID Deleted.". This keeps the page count the same so there are no duplicate field names.

The issue with merging files of RIDs into one using Adobe Acrobat or similar tools is essentially the same - it leads to duplicate field names.

Anyway any feedback gratefully received, especially for non-Windows platforms as I've only tested on my Windows 10 laptop using Acrobat Reader 2017.

Cheers for now,


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