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Thu Dec 12 02:12:08 UTC 2019


I think it is a step in the right direction but I'm still not quite convinced - I realize this comes down to personal preference.   So, to close out my action from yesterday, here is what a proposed list of abbreviations with some selected examples might look like.  For contrast I have put both the "Erik Approach" and "Colin Approach" names in the table. To me the abbreviation with the full sub-schema name is a bit easier to read. I do think this is converging.  In any case, I'd like to see if anyone in the WG ventures an opinion on this.

I tend to agree with Hugh that SimSchd might be confused for simulated schedule.   The table is immediately below. In case it does not render well an excel file with the table is also attached.

CSSM Colleagues,

Can you take a look and register a preference if you have one?

Best regards,

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Hi Colin,

It looks fine to me overall. I only have one small question, do you think something like SmplSched might avoid future possible misinterpretation of SimSchdl as  simulated schedule? Probably not an issue but just a thought.


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Dear all,
                 as a result of the telecon yesterday (10th Dec), I've had a think about the schema naming convention and have come up with the following proposal.

Below is the suggested abbreviation for the Book Titles to be used in the schema names;

902x01        Simple Schedule -                                                 SimSchd
902x02        Comunications Planning Information Formats -                        ComsPlnInfo
902x04         Service Package Data Formats -                                 SrvPkg
902x05         Service Agreement and Configuration Profile Data Formats -         SrvAgrConfPrfl
902x06        Space Link Event Sequence Data Format -                         EvntSeq
902x07        Service Catalog -                                                 SrvCat
902x08        Service Accounting -                                                 SrvAcnt
902x09        Service Management Utilization Request Formats -                 Smurf
902x10        Management Services -                                         MgtSrv
902x11        Best Practises                                                        BstPrac (although I don't think we'll need it wrt a schema...)
902x12        Cross Support Service Managment - Common Data Entities -         SmCmnEnt
902x13        Abstract Event Definition -                                         AbsEvnt

Based on the use of these abbreviations the existing schema names would become

Book 902x01
902x01b1p1-SchemaCssmSimpleSchedule.xsd                                                                        -> 902x01b1p1-SimSchd.xsd

Book 902x02
902x02r1-SchemaCssmPlanningInformationFormats.xsd                                                                -> 902x02r1-ComsPlnInfo.xsd

Book 902x04
902x04w0_00-SchemaCssmServicePackageDataFormats.xsd                                                        -> 902x04w0_00-SrvPkg.xsd

Book 902x05
902x05w0_00-SchemaCssmServiceAgreementAndConfigurationProfileDataFormats.xsd                                -> 902x05w0_00-SrvAgrConfPrfl.xsd

Book 902x06
902x06w0_00-SchemaCssmSpaceLinkEventSequenceDataFormat.xsd                                                -> 902x06w0_00-EvntSeqt.xsd

Book 902x09
902x09w0_09.02-SchemaCssmServiceManagementUtilizationRequestFormats.xsd                                -> 902x09w0_09.02-Smurf.xsd
902x09w0_09.02-SchemaCssmServiceManagementUtilizationRequestFormats-BasicConstraints.xsd                -> 902x09w0_09.02-Smurf-BasicCons.xsd
902x09w0_09.02-SchemaCssmServiceManagementUtilizationRequestFormats-EnhancedConstraints.xsd                -> 902x09w0_09.02-Smurf-EnhancedCons.xsd
902x09w0_09.02-SchemaCssmServiceManagementUtilizationRequestFormats-TrajectoryData.xsd                -> 902x09w0_09.02-Smurf-TrajData.xsd

Book 902x12
902x12m1-SchemaCssmSmAbstractEvent.xsd                                                                        -> 902x12m1-SmCmnEnt-AbsEvnt.xsd
902x12m1-SchemaCssmSmCommonClasses.xsd                                                                -> 902x12m1-SmCmnEnt-CmnClss.xsd
902x12m1-SchemaCssmSmInfoEntityHeader.xsd                                                                -> 902x12m1-SmCmnEnt-InfEntHdr.xsd

Book 902x13
902x13m1-SchemaAbstractEvent.xsd                                                                                -> 902x13m1-AbsEvnt.xsd
902x13m1-SchemaAbstractParameter.xsd                                                                        -> 902x13m1-AbsEvnt-AbsParm.xsd
902x13m1-SchemaCcsdsTimecodes.xsd                                                                        -> 902x13m1-AbsEvnt-TimCde.xsd

To me this appesr to satisfy the desire to shorten the names without resorting to the use of TLAs or XTLAs.

If this is acceptable I would also apply it to the names of the UML model files.

Cheers for now,


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