[cssm] Response for AI 2019-1008-01 (forward off-line service)

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Dec 6 00:00:24 UTC 2019

CSSM Colleagues,

At the October 8th telecon I took an action, 2019-1008-01 : "Look into whether or not forward off-line service is really something that CCSDS member agencies want to support and report back to the WG"

On October 24th at the Darmstadt meeting we took an informal poll and unanimously there was no need stated for such a capability.

I pursued this action a little more broadly and took a look at the IOAG service catalog one where TGFT is to be used in four data flow type services and in two more terrestrial data transfer services. I captured this in a spreadsheet and put the questions to my local IOAG representative and had a chat.  The spreadsheet is attached.   I did get some fairly good points in return - in particular re use DTN a counter argument was that for point-to-point (or ABA configuration) type missions, getting the full suite of DTN plumbing and management going can be considered as probably more onerous than standing up a CFDP endpoint at a ground station and then putting data from a "generic" file into CFDP is an origination point (for the forward direction) or doing the reverse (for the return direction). The case seemed to be made more strongly for the CFDP usage than the packets into/out of files use case.

As you will see, I also included considerations in regard to the packaging for the XFDU's for the DDOR use case. There was some discussion as to how "lightly" XFDU's could be used such as not to incur significant amount of XFDU packaging overhead.

The net result on this is that I think the IOAG service catalog will be looked at a little more closely as I believe IOAG will be having a teleconference in the near future. Also, I think we need to have a bit more discussion on the usage of XFDU for large files such as DDOR. I will put these topics on the agenda for next teleconference.

Best regards,

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