[Smwg] 902x9-w0.06 - Service Management Utilization Request Formats - Updated draft

Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de
Tue Oct 2 13:13:39 UTC 2018

Hi again,

I happily noticed the addition of Antenna selection in Schedule Report Request, as well as Association Request which allows us handling of default scenario selection.

One small comment, when dividing the requests in different groups, you assigned Delete Request together with Delete, Replace, Association and Select Alternative for Service Package. Maybe it would be good to get Delete Request to the respectively online/offline Requests, but it is minor thing...
I also noticed that you added "deletedPending" to the DeleteSrvPkgReq class. This I need eventually include into my state machines (currently I assume that SP's need to be deleted first, before the Request itself is deleted).

Another thing I noticed is in BasicApertureConstraint, there is now additionalUsers (somehow I always manage to miss discussions on such things, and then they pop into my face when I open the document ;-). What's this? I mean I read the description, but what is actually the use case? Is it some relay which is meant, or rather some constellations considerations?

Funny thing: The diagram on Enhanced Contraints has a comment in it: "for clarity not all specializations of the Abstract parameter class are not shown..." - not all things are not shown... and this is for clarity ;-)... I know it's a typo only, but still very nice... (almost worth to keep it in).


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Dear all,
                 I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Service Management Utilization Request Formats to CWE, considerably behind the schedule I had hoped to be able to meet, apologies for the delay , This contains the updates discussed at Gaitherburg and subsequent telcons. I've also uploaded the updated UML model and Schemas.. The following points should be noted;

  1.  None of the Annexes are written yet. As this ICS in particular will be a pain for this I'm planning on leaving that until the rest of the recommendation is pretty stable.

  1.  There are a number of dependencies on structures that will be defined in other books, viz. ConfigurationProfileContents, EventSeqeunce, and  ServicePackage. I've written some dummy placeholders for them

  1.  The Trajectory class is also a place holder at the moment as I need to do a bit more work on it.

  1.  There are a number of items which probably should be moved into the Service Management Common Data Entities book as they will probably be useful elsewhere in SM

  1.  There is a dependency on the PIF and again it would probably make sense to move this from the PIF into the Service Management Common Data Entities book

  1.  The time windows concept JP brought up at Den Haag has now been moved to the enhanced constraints.


Also included in the Schemas is a very simple request example. There is more work needed on the examples but as I'm not going to have any time to do this before the next WebEx I thought it was as well to upload things just now.

The  Service Management Utilization Request Format document, model and schemas can be found at the following URLs.

Document:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Format/White%20Book/Drafts/902x9-w0.06%20-%20Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Formats.doc
Model:                https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Format/White%20Book/Drafts/902x9-w0.06%20-%20Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Formats%20-%20UmlModel.zip
Schemas:        https://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/CSS-SM/CWE%20Private/Book%20Production/Blue/Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Format/White%20Book/Drafts/902x9-w0.06%20-%20Service%20Management%20Utilization%20Request%20Formats%20-%20Schema.zip

Cheers for now,


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