[Smwg] Updated Service Agreement/Config Profile Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Thu May 31 18:31:16 UTC 2018

CSSMWG colleagues ---
I have uploaded version 1.2 of the Requirements for Simple Configuration Profiles and Service Agreements Tech Note to the CWE at URL

The latest draft contains a number of changes and incremental improvements, but the most significant are:

1.       A reorientation of the configuration profiles to use FR Nicknames and Parameter Classifiers instead of their equivalent Object Identifiers;

2.       Inclusion of parameter range/enumerated sets of possible values in the Space Link Service Profiles, which in turn causes them to be included in the operational configuration profiles.  Thus each configuration profile contains the service agreement-level constraints on each of its parameters. This is ultimately accomplished in the XML schema by creating for every configuration parameter a mandatory value attribute (which carries the default value for that parameter) and an optional agreedList or agreedRange attribute (depending on the parameter type) that carries the values that the parameter is permitted (by the Service Agreement) to be either respecified or reconfigured to (note that the parameter element itself carries no value).  If I say so myself, I think that this has worked out quite well. I only had enough time to elaborate the approach for the Forward CLTU Space Link Service Profile Template,  Forward CLTU Space Link Service Configuration Profile Template, and the example of tan operational Forward CLTU Space Link Service Configuration Profile (all in section 7.1.1);

3.       Inclusion of more XML schema and XML instance document material, in particular in section 7.1.1; and

4.       A new section 9, which identifies persistent configuration information that must be documented in the Service Agreement. This persistent information spans the instantiation of individual Service Packages and is therefore outside the scope of the configuration profiles that also part of the Service Agreement.

The material in the Tech Note has varying levels of maturity - I decided to use what time I had to burrow down into one service profile (the Forward CLTU one, section 7.1.1) to make it as detailed as possible, while leaving other sections less mature.

Best regards,
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