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Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
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CSSM Colleagues,

A reminder that comments on the 1st draft of the Service Package book are due by the end of May.

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Hello, I've uploaded a draft copy of the Service Package book to CWE.  It is based on the earlier draft JP had worked on, plus the XML schema document Marcin provided to me.

I have several comments embedded noting some differences between the document and the XML schema that I found.

Is it correct to assume that the XML schema that has been used in prototyping activity is more mature than the earlier draft and should take precedence (so we update the document to match the XSD file)?  If that is the case, there are only a small number of errors/issues that I found in the XSD file, that we can discuss.

One easy question I have is in the class OnlineServiceDetails, which has a field that I don't understand the purpose/usefulness of:

Mandatory parameter.

Used to specify the frequency band that will be used by the service. If the frequency band is not relevant the value N/A (not applicable) shall be used.

*         C-Band

*         Ka-Band

*         Ku-Band

*         L-Band

*         S-Band

*         V-Band

*         X-Band

*         Optical

*         N/A



I believe that since the structure already contains an onlineConfigurationProfileXRef, that the frequencyBand value would be looked up via that anyways, and does not need to be included in the OnlineServiceDetails.  If someone else knows more than me and can either correct me, or confirm that this could be deleted, that would be helpful.

The draft document itself is at:

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