[Smwg] SSF is Blue!

Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de
Thu May 17 06:15:59 UTC 2018

Yipeeee! Next time we should have a drink on that (with Blue Curacao ;-).


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CSSM Colleagues,

I'm happy to report, albiet unofficially, that the SSF (Simple Schedule Format) recommendation appears to have been formally adopted as CCSDS standard.  That means it is now a Blue Book!

My sincere thanks to the WG membership for making this happen, to our prototype team (Marcin Gnat(DLR), Carver Audain (NASA), Karen Tuttle (NASA), and Mark Johnston (NASA), Colin Haddow (ESA)) and especially to Colin as the book captain.

Again my sincere thanks,

Ps, the official announcement should be within a few days - below is a screenshot of the results for the closed CMC poll (it is not the only closed polls that show RFSA voting twice, so I think there is some sort of systematic clerical error - but the votes are all for adopt).

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D3EDB7.AF34D670]

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