[Smwg] Updated Functional Resource Reference Model Tech Note on CWE

John Pietras john.pietras at gst.com
Fri Mar 30 20:33:50 UTC 2018

CSSMWG and CSTSWG colleagues,
I have just uploaded the updated draft of the Functional Resources Reference Model Tech Note to the CWE at URL

As many of you know, this Tech Note had not been updated since the summer of 2016, and so there was quite a bit of work done to bring it up to date with current ideas and understandings.

In summary, the updated Tech Note:

-    Updates functional resource definitions to reflect current concepts.

-    Replaces "Abstract Service Component/Service Component" concepts with the more-lightweight "Functional Resource strata/Functional Resource Set" concepts.

-    Consolidates several highly-redundant "views" of the same material so that - to the greatest extent possible - all of the information about any given aspect of an FR is available in one place.

-    Deletes the detailed Service Agreement/ Configuration Profile sections, which are either redundant to, and in some cases contradicted, current concepts. The current Service Agreement/ Configuration Profile concepts are instead now documented in the Requirements for Simple Configuration Profiles and Service Agreements Technical Note.

-    Points to the SANA Functional Resource Registry for specific OID assignments and parameter/event/ directive definitions
There are still many sections of the tech note that need to be fleshed out, but this draft achieves the primary goal of not presenting material that is known to be out of date, or presented in terms of outdated concepts.
I plan to present an overview of the Tech Note at the Gaithersburg meeting. Hope to see you all there.

Best regards,
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