[Smwg] Inputs re proposed RID Evaluation form requested for Spring 18 meetings

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 14 00:17:03 UTC 2018

CSS Colleagues,

The CCSDS Secretariat has drafted a proposed uniform spreadsheet to be used as part of all agency reviews for submission of RIDs.  An action being requested of all areas is to circulate the proposed form and provide comments by the close of the Spring 2018 meetings.

I have taken a look and my comments are offered for consideration and perhaps to help you in consider any comments you may have. If you have inputs please send them to me and I will consolidate them for presentation/discussion at the CSS Area meetings next month.

Best regards,

--my comments on the proposed form-

The terms reviewer evaluator etc. are used in different places in the forms and I think this could be confusing relative to the instructions. My suggestion is as follows:

1) use the term "submitter" for whoever submits a RID as part of an agency review
2) use the term "agency coordinator" for whoever curates a set of RIDs to be submitted as part of an agency review at an agency level
3) use the term "review coordinator" for whoever was in charge of the overall set of reviews and then ultimately has the RID closure authority (presumably in coordination with the working group involved)

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