[Smwg] Request for assistance re AI 2017-0512-50

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Thanks for the inputs. Yes the updated set of information entities would make sense.  It could be that this is what the action is about. Given that there are also several edits pending for the concept book in general and that presumably in 2019 it will be up for revision I think we probably can administratively close this action item in favor of a larger action of updating the concept book in general. Unless of course someone really needs the diagram showing the updated information entities more or less now?  If anyone has any further comments please do not hesitate to post.

Best regards,

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Since I wasn't at the San Antonio meeting I don't know what was specifically mentioned there, but one thing that occurs to me as I look at the diagram is that a few Info Entities (Service Catalog, Service Agreement, Configuration Profiles, and Service Package Result) are flagged but others aren't. At the time that the Green Book version of the diagram was created, there was still a bit of ambiguity about how the different bits and pieces of SM information would be packaged (e.g., a separate Service Package Request Info Entity vs. (now) a flavor of SMURF). But now the contents of the Blue and Magenta books are clarified,  a (more) complete mapping could be done - i.e., overlay Marcin's document model on top of the life-cycle phases.

With respect to recent discussions regarding configuration profiles (CPs), we are now thinking of CPs as being more statically defined and recorded as integral parts of the Service Agreement in the Service Agreement Development period, so maybe that "Manage Configuration Profiles" bubble could be deleted (or modified to a more-general "Update Service Agreement (as necessary)" bubble.


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Subject: [Smwg] Request for assistance re AI 2017-0512-50

CSSM Colleagues,

I have an action item assigned to me that I can no longer recall what it is that needs to be done.  The action item simply reads "Update lifecycle diagram".  If it helps to recall, this AI originated at the San Antonio (May 2017) meetings.  Any insights that anyone has to offer will be appreciated.  Below is the lifecycle diagram from the published Green Book (CCSDS 902.0-G-1).

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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