[Smwg] TGFT environmentInfo and new TestPlan version

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Dear Claudia,
It was certainly the intent that any extensions to the TGFT manifest schema must be done through the TgftXfduExtensionType complex schema type, which is applied to the (structured) extension element. However, the TGFT XFDU specification currently does not forbid any user-application-specific use of the (unstructured) xmlData elements. Are you proposing that user applications (e.g., a validated radiometric data service) be forbidden from using the xmlData elements, or simply that the wording perhaps be strengthened to emphasize that the TGFT-standard XFDU will never be changed to include extension via the xmlData elements? (Another topic for discussion next week?)

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Subject: [Smwg] TGFT environmentInfo and new TestPlan version


Sorry for sending you several small emails, I have yet another minor remark on the specification.

XFDU defines an extension mechanism based on environmentInfo elements.

One such element is mandatory for a TGFT manifest (section

The extension subelement of this element must be typed as a TgftXfduExtensionType element.

An environmentInfo element may also hold xmlData elements, for unstructured XML. I believe that the choice of using a structured element in extension should lead to not using the xmlData fields.

However this is not forbidden by the XFDU specification, and nothing is said about this in the TGFT specification. I would suggest to add a constraint in the TGFT specification, that the environmentInfo element holding the tgft extension does not hold any xmlData elements. What would you think,

I have just uploaded a new version of the TGFT test plan with minor changes on cwe.


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