[Smwg] Simple Schedule Recommendation - Updated draft R2.01 (Updates as per RED 2 RID disposition)

Colin.Haddow at esa.int Colin.Haddow at esa.int
Fri Sep 8 09:43:37 UTC 2017

Dear all,
                  I've just uploaded the latest draft of the Simple 
Schedule Book to CWE, This contains the changes as per the agreed RID 
dispositions from the RED 2 review. This version is redlined wrt that of 
the RED 2 review version. As previously I've included the ESA schemas 
EmsTypes.xsd and EmsExternal.xsd in the zip file containing the schemas so 
that it is possible to get the Simple Schedule Extension examples to work. 

There has also been a bit of restrucring of the XML schema, although the 
effective changes to the schema are relativly minor.

The document, model and schemas can be found at the following URLs.


Cheers for now,


Dr. Colin R. Haddow,
HSO-GI, European Space Agency,
European Space Operations Centre,
Robert-Bosch-Str 5,
64293 Darmstadt,

Phone; +49 6151 90 2896
Fax;      +49 6151 90 3010
E-Mail;  colin.haddow at esa.int

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