[Smwg] Notes from Management Services Session

Anthony Crowson anthony.crowson at telespazio-vega.de
Thu Nov 9 13:32:33 UTC 2017

Hi all,

The Management Services presentation from yesterday is on CWE. There are a few points I noted from the discussion:

-          Noted relationship of Marcin's state machine for service packages to lifecycle to be supported by management services

-          Security - as far as possible, rely on capabilities of underlying transfer technologies

-          Extensibility

o   Aim to make it possible/reasonable to extend the management services as/when needed

o   But do not necessarily provide explicit extension points and capabilities, nor formal guidelines for extension

-          Interaction patterns: consider dropping the requirement for synchronous response pattern - simply make everything asynchronous (in terms of content/processing; acknowledgment of receipt at protocol level should remain) - rationale being that many things have to be asynchronous and nothing has tight timing constraints

o   Possibly retain option to return response synchronously when convenient

-          Information Entities need to include the possibility of being failures/rejections

-          SMURF must include a unique request ID which can be referenced in all responses/results

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