[Smwg] Service Package Result White-book Draft

Chamoun, Jean-pierre (GSFC-450.0)[MTI SYSTEMS, INC.] jean-pierre.chamoun at nasa.gov
Thu May 11 21:02:05 UTC 2017


I have posted the first draft of the Service Package Specification White Book.  It is very "drafty".
1) There is a good amount of work needed to clean up the names of classes/attributes in light of the single schema name-space issues that Marcin brought up.
2) I updated the class diagram based on all the comments discussed during our meetings this week.

The document is posted on the new CWE_Private_BETA in:

Feel free to email comments or questions any time.  I expect there will be a date set for a second draft and then we can set a formal deadline for comments ...

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