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Now that I've had a bit more time to look at your comments and questions I can offer you more responses which are embedded below.

Best regards,

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Dear all,
                  we've just completed the ESA review of the current draft of Planning Information Formats events and have identified the following points and questions.

  1.  It would be useful to add the OWLT as an optional parameter to all events
EB: The DSN includes RTLT for each event. I see below that you have RTLT versus OWLT. I'm sure that either will be useful but I suspect that in fact for the point of view of aperture to spacecraft and back the RTLT is potentially more useful in planning. But that could just be my bias.

  1.  It would be useful to add the elevation angle as a mandatory parameter to the FwdComsStartEvent, RetComsStartEvent ,FwdComsEndEvent and RetComsEndEvent events (JP would this cause any problems with respect to TDRS ?)
EB: The DSN produces AZ/EL readouts for each event.
KeyholeEvent should be split into 2, KeyholeStart and KeyholeEnd
EB: The DSN does this effectively by issuing "above maximum elevation" and "below maximum elevation" type events.

  1.  Question; should OWLT or RTLT be used ?
EB: RTLT is used by the DSN (see above).

  1.  Question: How should comms events be handled for Rovers, e.g. define the relay spacecraft (or Rover) as an aperture or define specific events for Rover visibility or any other ideas ?
EB: Aperture - see yesterday's email.

Anyway these can be used as input to the PIF discussion in San Antonio.

Cheers for now,


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