[Smwg] Time Code B

Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int
Thu Sep 8 07:47:37 UTC 2016

Hi Erik,
We use this already without fractions. For the time definition there is a 
dedicated XSD. Please find it attached.


Holger Dreihahn
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From:   "Barkley, Erik J (3970)" <erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov>
To:     "Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int" <Holger.Dreihahn at esa.int>
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Date:   07/09/2016 18:46
Subject:        Time Code B

At today’s CESG telecon, it was agreed that in fact the current CCSDS Time 
Code B definition does not require fractional seconds.  More directly, 
YYYY-DDDThh:mm:ss  is fine -- ss.s is not required. 
I will ensure that the SOS book properly calls out YYYY-DDDThh:mm:ss 
format.  Can you please revise the “official” schema?  I believe this is, 
for now at least, in our common type definitions.
As an aside, 301x0b4 is due for 5 year refresh, and may, as a result, have 
some examples added to help clarify the situation. 
Best regards,

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