[Smwg] Telecon/webex reminder for 08 March 2016

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 8 04:20:01 UTC 2016

CSSM Colleagues,

A reminder that our next telecon/webex is scheduled for tomorrow.

The proposed agenda includes:

1)      Action items status

2)      General updates/announcements

3)      Darmstadt work plan check

4)      Updated overview diagrams

5)      Conclusions of SMURF white book - follow-up from last telecon

6)      Configuration profile/service agreement update

7)      Service package result presentation - follow-up from last telecon

8)      Planning data format book test plan

9)      AOB (none)

Best regards,

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