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Thu Jan 21 19:01:58 UTC 2016

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Subject: Updated CSSM Actions from the 19-Jan-16 Telecon

Dear CSSM Colleagues,

The updated action items list has been uploaded to the CWE Private/Actions folder and is attached.

The following actions are due by the next telecom on 2-Feb:

AI#     Action  Assignee        Due Date
2015-1112-4     Update highly abstract model re:management service considerations       EB      19-Jan-16
2015-1112-22    Develop XML Schema for Planning Book    UMW, JVP        29-Jan-16
2015-1112-20    Develop high-level management service requirements      AC, UMW 1-Feb-16
2014-0603-02    Provide write up on metadata for delta dor use case re: service package and service request     EB      2-Feb-16
2015-0327-11    Analyze DDOR service request and indicate mapping to CSSM re: abstract service request  EB      2-Feb-16
2015-1112-6     Update DDOR CSSM service package mapping based on latest service request definitions    JPC     2-Feb-16
2015-1112-8     Develop Service Package result draft write-up   MG,JPC  2-Feb-16
2015-1208-1     Determine how to define the return Trajectory Prediction format as a result of the TP request (the information entities, XML format, header, etc.)      EB, CH, JVP, JR 2-Feb-16
2015-1208-3     Review SMURF White book in preparation for review       All     2-Feb-16
2015-1208-4     Review the Planning Data Format White book and provide comments to CH.  All     2-Feb-16
2016-0119-1     Update SoS to include the RMP yellow book reference     CH      2-Feb-16

Karen L. Tuttle
216 308-6922 (Work Cell)

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