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Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSI0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Tue Dec 13 14:41:46 UTC 2016

This is great feedback, John. I asked the question about putting it in the CSS Area during my presentation in Rome but didn’t get any feedback at the time so thank you for your thoughts. I will make this happen for the Functional Resource files. But other than that, my plan is to start with the CSS-SM area structure and then we can tackle the CSS Area structure.

So as soon as I get Erik’s ok, I’ll get started with the reorganization of the CSS-SM directories. Well….maybe as soon as right after the holidays! Tomorrow is my last day then…yippy…I’m off until Jan 3! Best wishes to you and your family, John. ☺

By the way, Anthony: I found an application that I can use for Sharepoint with my Mac. Brian Oliver (the CCSDS IT guru) suggested CyberDuck. I haven’t downloaded it yet but I’m sure it will make the task easier. Thank you for the suggestion.

Happy Holidays,
Karen L. Tuttle
NASA Glenn ISS Payload Operations Center, Project & Integration Manager
216 433-5297 (Office)
216 308-6922 (Work Cell)

From: John Pietras <john.pietras at gst.com>
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 9:14 AM
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Subject: RE: CSSM CWE Directory Structure

Karen and CSSMWG colleagues,

I took a very quick glance over the proposed directory structure, and one thing that struck me was the presence of the Functional Resources Tech Note under the CSS SM : Public : Tech Notes subdirectory. That particular tech note is actually an area-level tech note, and over a year ago I began posting the updated versions under the CSS Area : CWE Private : Functional Resources and Service Components subdirectory, with Erik’s concurrence. There is also a (public) CSS Area : CSSA Technical Notes subdirectory that had a much older (2014) draft version that I have since deleted and replaced with a text READ_ME file that states “There are no documents in the public CSS Area : CSSA Technical Notes subdirectory at this time”.

I propose that the Functional Resource Reference Model (FR RM) Tech Note stay somewhere under the broader CSS Area umbrella, and leave the CSS SM : Public : Tech Notes to tech notes that are strictly confined to CSSM concerns/activities/products. Assuming that we all agree on this, the next question is whether the FR RM Tech Note drafts should be in a public or private subdirectory. The most recent draft is particularly “drafty”, in that a number of decisions were made in Cleveland that had significant impact on the Tech Note, but I was unable to make those changes. The most-recently posted version has an extensive preamble that identifies what kinds of changes are needed/planned, but those changes have not been made. I propose that the current Tech Note version be kept in a CSS Area : CWE Private : Functional Resources subdirectory (the current subdirectory name is no longer accurate since we dropped the “Service Component” concept in Cleveland). CCSDS members can still get to it, but presumably anyone accessing it (i.e., members of other Areas) would be forewarned of the degree of draftiness. If and when the Tech Note can be brought to a degree of completeness that it can stand on its own, then it could be moved to the CSS Area : CSSA Technical Notes public subdirectory.  If we agree to this approach, I can create the new CSS Area : CWE Private : Functional Resources subdirectory, re-post the latest Tech Note draft there, and delete the existing CSS Area : CWE Private : Functional Resources and Service Components subdirectory.

Finally, this begs the question – who is doing a similar exercise for the CSS Area subdirectory organizations? And with that, I’ll sign off ☺.

Best wishes to you all for the holidays and the new year!

Best regards,

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Subject: [Smwg] CSSM CWE Directory Structure

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the proposed CSSM CWE Directory Structure and provide comments. Once I get any updates and the WG approved, I will begin creating and moving files as described. This will probably take some time (rest of my career!? ☺) because of SharePoint.

If I find a file that does not fit into this structure, I’ll let you know and/or create a new folder. We can discuss this further if we have time at the next telecom.

Karen L. Tuttle
NASA Glenn ISS Payload Operations Center, Project Manager
216 433-5297 (Office)
216 308-6922 (Work Cell)


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