[Smwg] Updated Action Item list on CWE

Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSC0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Wed Sep 30 00:26:45 UTC 2015

To John,

Thank you very much, again, for update the actions from the meeting today.

To All:

The following are the actions that are due on or before our next telecom on Oct. 13:

AI#     Action  Assignee        Due Date
2015-0327-16    Research c 2012 service catalog material. Collect examples and develop preliminary comparative analysis.        HK      29-Sep-15
2015-0323-1     Prepare a response to DDor WG to mesh their needs into the CSSM Service Request         EB, JPC 6-Oct-15
2015-0327-11    Analyze DDOR service request and indicate mapping to CSSM re: abstract service request  EB, JPC 6-Oct-15
2015-0825-1     (CSSMWG) Review pertientent material for SC-CSTS        EB, PP,JVP, CH  12-Oct-15
2015-0825-2     (CSTSWG) Review Event Sequence White Book       HD, WH, MDG     12-Oct-15
2015-0602-1     Check the semantics of the Nav Stds multiple segments and start/end time and report to WG as it applies to the Trajectory Prediction Format     JR      13-Oct-15

Karen L. Tuttle
216 308-6922 (Work Cell)

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Subject: [Smwg] Updated Action Item list on CWE

CSSMWG colleagues ---
The CSSMWG Action Item list has been updated and posted to the CWE >   Cross Support Services Area (CSS)<http://cwe.ccsds.org/css> > Documents<http://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?View=%7B8045374D%2DF8E0%2D4356%2D83CA%2D993252A38FE8%7D&> > CSS-SM<http://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fcss%2Fdocs%2FCSS%2DSM&View=%7B8045374D%2DF8E0%2D4356%2D83CA%2D993252A38FE8%7D&> > CWE Private<http://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fcss%2Fdocs%2FCSS%2DSM%2FCWE%20Private&View=%7B8045374D%2DF8E0%2D4356%2D83CA%2D993252A38FE8%7D&> > Action Items folder at URL

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