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Now that I've had a bit of time to digest this, some comments, questions.

1)      Pg 6, it will probably be helpful if a diagram could be produced that illustrates the situation. I hope that is not a significant undertaking.

2)      Assuming that the FRIN being used in the SII is as I think it is (the diagram will help), it does raise some potential concerns

a.       If we assume that the next generation service package has the current B-1 capability (which I believe is the case per the current abstract service request engineering under way) to modify a configuration profile (technically profile re-specification) for the duration of the service package, then do we assume that the addition of a CSTS instance as part of that modification for the service package will come with a "pre-validated" FRIN --> SII ?  Or am I missing something here? ("Turning off" as CSTS instance does not seem like a problem).  Also, we would probably disallow modification of FRINs as part of the service package configuration profile re-specification?

b.      It seems that for this approach, for things like MD-CSTS or TD-CSTS instances would have to be part of the service configuration profile.   I'm not sure we have agreement that this would be the case - I think we have asked questions like "are things like MD-CSTS just assumed to be there or do they need to be explicitly defined in the service configuration profile"?  I will agree that it does not seem like a likely use case to have two MD-CSTS (or TD-CSTS) instances running in parallel, but I would not put it past an implementation to think of "interesting" deployment options.   Again, perhaps I'm mission something here.

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CSSMWG and CSTSWG colleagues ---
As part of the review process of the Cross Support Transfer Service Specification Framework (CSTS SFW) prior to final submission to the Secretariat, Margherita di Giulio (CSTSWG chairperson) noticed that the Service Instance Identifier (SII) parameter of the CSTS BIND invocation message contained a "transferServiceProfileId' subfield, for which the content and syntax were not defined. In fact the transferServiceProfileId is an artifact of (Version 1) Service Management, but the question raise by Margherita initiated an examination of whether this was still appropriate for use in the SII. The conclusion is that it is *not* the most appropriate identifier for use in the SII. Wolfgang Hell and I have developed an alternative approach based on Functional Resource concepts and constructs.

Because this represents a case of the intersection of Service Management and CSTS, I'll be giving a presentation (attached) on the topic at tomorrow's (Tuesday's) CSSMWG telecon. Wolfgang and I have convinced ourselves that he proposed approach is the right one, but we welcome any feedback that you might have.

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