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Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de
Tue Jan 27 17:12:25 UTC 2015

Hi Karen,

See the list below.

Concept Green Book

CCSDS 902.0-G-1

Simple Schedule Format Specification

CCSDS 902.1-B-1

Planning Data Formats

CCSDS 902.2-B-1

Trajectory Prediction Data Format

CCSDS 902.3-B-1

Service Request and Service Package

CCSDS 902.4-B-1

Service Agreement and Service Configuration

CCSDS 902.5-B-1

Space Link Event Sequence Data Format

CCSDS 902.6-B-1

Service Catalog

CCSDS 902.7-B-1

Service Accounting

CCSDS 902.8-B-1

Management Services

CCSDS 902.10-B-1

Best Practices

CCSDS 902.11-M-1

PLEASE NOTE - I skipped number .9 (just to keep place for potential another BB if we come to such idea, and also to have Management Services with some "round" number).

Also the pictures I remade them in SVG and PNG format (should work for most of you).
You can find it:

Best Regards

From: Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSC0) [mailto:karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov]
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Subject: CSSM document numbers

I'm sorry, Marcin. I can't open the files off the CWE to find the list of document numbers for the future Blue Books. Can you send me the list? In Excel would be best. Thank you.

Karen L. Tuttle
NASA GRC Space Communications & Navigation (SCaN) Standards Manager
216 308-6922 (Cell)

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