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Those were the figures but Marcin had an update he showed at the teleconference that had a tabular slide assessing the differences between agency review R1 and the book post WG accepted RIDs updates.  As I recall there was only one item that had potential for possible prototyping re-running (albeit easy to accomplish).  But, unfortunately I do not recall what that one item was.  If anyone can recall perhaps I can think about it prior to the telecon tomorrow.

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Is the attached what you are looking for, Erik?
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Dear All,

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Below summary of some AI's which have been assigned to me.

AI #



Create a diagram to be included in the Simple Schedule introduction to clarify the context of the document (possibly by using the life-cycle diagram)


Update the diagram according to CNES RID JMS11


Include in test report that we will not prototype the nesting of AdditionalParameter


Look up the frequency for UHF and VHF for the SoS


Clarify the note to indicate the information bookmarking function in the case of the antenna free time in para See NASA RID Antenna Freetime

The 2014-1110-06 and 2014-1111-04 may be closed. I presented the updated diagram on last telecon, beside of my text which was somewhat messy, the diagram should be okay. I also saw that Colin did corrected the text afterwards, so now should be okay.
Also the 2014-1111-03 -> I saw Colin did added some definitions for VHF and UHF and as far as I could research for that, this may be a good selection. As always there are different definitions for different frequencies, so I think we do not need to spend more effort.

Regarding 2014-1110-02, see attached presentation. I also uploaded it plus the Visio original drawing to the CWE.

Finally, to the 2014-1111-01. I added the required text:

As of finalization of this report, some small changes have been introduced into the schema of the Simple Schedule Data Format. This includes nesting additional parameters. Analysis of this showed that it is not required to perform additional prototyping which would include nested additional parameters, as this would not add any new knowledge (in terms of interface, if there are just "flat" additional parameters or nested ones, it does not matter). Of course the respective implementation needs to support such nesting, but this is out of the scope of this prototyping.

 however when looking at the current version of the SoS-Schema, I rather tend to say we may need prototyping-reloaded. I hoped it will be not like that, but you must admit, a lot of things changed. I'm sure it is possible to exchange files in the newer format the same as the one before RID's, but our Yellow Book does not cover that! I mean, if someone looks into the Yellow Book, he will not find any test which is matching the Blue Book now 1:1. So, this someone may say - "how did you prove it works?". Let's discuss that during next telecon.
The updated Report:

Thanks again to Colin for helping me out with some AI's.

Best Regards
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