[Smwg] CSSM WG Updated Actions 23 Feb 15

Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSC0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Mon Feb 23 19:34:37 UTC 2015

CSSM WG colleagues ---

The latest action item list is attached and can also be found on the CWE at URL: http://cwe.ccsds.org/css/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fcss%2Fdocs%2FCSS%2DSM%2FCWE%20Private%2FAction%20Items&FolderCTID=0x012000A2CFA608DF169C4EB988261660CEFAEB&View=%7B8045374D-F8E0-4356-83CA-993252A38FE8%7D

The following Actions are due on or for our next telecom:

AI #    Action  Assignee        Due Date
2014-1112-02    Provide examples of recurrent requests for your agency  MG, CC, MU      9-Mar-15
2014-1114-04    Check communition geometry events for the planning data format  All     9-Mar-15
2014-0402-05    Service Package Request management component writeup    EB      10-Mar-15
2014-1113-01    Produce a graphical model based on the green book planning request      EB      10-Mar-15
2014-1114-11    List of questions for the Generic File Transfer preliminary draft       CH      10-Mar-15

Karen L. Tuttle
NASA GRC Space Communications & Navigation (SCaN) Standards Manager
216 308-6922 (Cell)

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