[Smwg] Revision of latest CSSM WG Action Item List

Tuttle, Karen L. (GRC-MSC0) karen.l.tuttle at nasa.gov
Fri Feb 13 14:07:43 UTC 2015

CSSM WG Colleagues ---

I have updated the latest Action Item list to show the change to AI 2015-0113-2's due date from 30 Jan 2015 to 19 Feb 2015. The updated AI list is attached and is located on the CWE.

The following are the actions that are due on or before our next Telecon on 23 Feb 15:

AI #    Action  Assignee        Due Date
2015-0210-1     Create spreadsheet to collect event definitions and geometry events for planning data format    EB      13-Feb-15
2015-0113-2     Look at the two SoS versions, R1 for agency review and current updated book, and render an opinion as to the need for prototyping       EB      19-Feb-15
2014-0402-05    Service Package Request management component writeup    EB      23-Feb-15
2014-1112-02    Provide examples of recurrent requests for your agency  MG, CC, MU      23-Feb-15
2014-1113-01    Produce a graphical model based on the green book planning request      EB      23-Feb-15
2014-1113-04    Do a proof of concept for 1) config profile out of service profiles 2) pare down TC/TM SLE-Plus profile (Bake-off)      JVP, AC 23-Feb-15
2015-0113-5     Review Erik's standard header vs information entities analysis spreadsheet and provide comments All     23-Feb-15

Karen L. Tuttle
NASA GRC Space Communications & Navigation (SCaN) Standards Manager
216 308-6922 (Cell)

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